“NUTBUSTER” 1:12 Action Figure

by bulletpunk


“NUTBUSTER” 1:12 Action Figure

1:12 Scale Mech Suit + Pilot Action Figure
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BUSTIN NUTS ONCE AGAIN! 🏴‍☠️👊 The TEQ63 “NUTBUSTER” returns with a vengeance, now in our 1:12 Scale Action Figure BULLETPUNK Universe!

Over 13 Inches / 33 cm tall with 6 points of articulation, the 1:12 NUTBUSTER is our biggest and greatest action figure release to date!

Our TEQ63, GOK, and other future 1:12 Action Figures will be able to pilot this bad boy from the inner cockpit of this oversized mech suit.

A very special companion OG Red 1:12 TEQ63 Action Figure will also be available for this release! Price options are as follows:

1:12 NUTBUSTER + 1:12 OG Red TEQ63 Full Kit - USD 350 + shipping
1:12 NUTBUSTER Mech Suit Only - USD 270 + shipping
1:12 OG Red TEQ63 Figure Only - USD 90 + shipping

Set your alarms to this Tuesday FEB 28, 2023 11PM Hong Kong / Manila Time - 10AM NY - 7AM LA for our Preorder Event!

ETA of final delivery is JULY 2023!

🌎: www.deviltoys.com.hk
🇵🇭: www.bulletpunk.com

Special DIY “Caution” Yellow 1:12 Security Tapes for optional, custom application will also be available for our purchasers!

Good hunting fellas, and see you on the other side! 🏴‍☠️