by bulletpunk

Our 2013 hand-sculpted Resin OG MEGATEQs are making a special return today! 💙

The “KEEP GRINDING” OG Resin Megateqs celebrate our milestone collaboration with @johnniewalkerph, and commemorate our decade long journey of the Quiccs brand.

Highly limited to 63 pieces, 15 Gallery Proofs will be up for grabs later at Secret Fresh and the main drop will be available through THE BULLETPUNK NETWORK and our webstore www.bulletpunk.com tomorrow March 17 at 11PM Manila Time / 11AM New York Time / 8AM LA Time!

Our exclusive 4 BLUE LABEL designs will also be unveiled tonight at 6PM during our launch event at Secret Fresh. Detials on how you can avail these very special Blue Label releases will be announced these next few days as well!

I’m extremely honored to share this momentous milestone with you guys! See you on the other side! 💙🙌😃

Shipping by Q2 2023
*Johnnie Walker Blue Label NOT INCLUDED*