“The Ghost of Kurosawa” Resin Art Figures

by bulletpunk

“The Ghost of Kurosawa”
Full Figure Version
Resin Art Figures

Our cult favorite OG Mech Samurai from 2013 returns with a VENGEANCE! Now in the full figure OG black edition in our classic but bigger three sizes - 14” MEGA GOK, 7.5” Classic GOK, and the 3.5” Micro GOK! 🖤

Product Details:

Set of 3 GOK (14in, 7.5in and 3.5in)
Limited to 99 sets
$470 SRP

7.5in Classic GOK
Limited to 100 units
$140 SRP

3.5in Micro GOK
Limited to 100 units
$70 SRP

Preorders are scheduled to deliver in September-October this year!